Transformative Wellbeing at Your Fingertips

Boost your team's mental health at home, at work, and all the moments in between with our evidence based wellbeing app developed by our team of mental health experts.

Focus on employee wellbeing. Save millions

The American Institute of Stress has found that issues related to poor wellbeing cost U.S. employers about $300 billion every year due to absenteeism, turnover, decreased productivity, and medical costs.

In the current competitive job market, focusing on mental health is crucial for drawing in and keeping top talent.

A McKinsey survey indicates that 60% of Generation Z employees view mental health support as crucial in their choice of employer.

Likewise, such resources are a major factor in their decision to remain with a company [2,3]. 

Our Wellbeing app delivers results in as little as 10 minutes a week!

Small effort. Big result!

We know, it sounds incredible. That’s because it is! Due to our diverse content and effective tailoring you can supercharge your teams wellbeing in as little as 10 minutes a week! 

Quick Relief and Prevention!

Feeling the stress creep in? Snag a quick fix from our toolkit and breathe easy. When you have the time to delve deeper, use our comprehensive content to prevent future stress by understanding and addressing its root causes.

Personalized Guidance

More than a content library, we offer personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs, steering you clear of overwhelm and towards true wellbeing. Human-centric and crafted with care, our approach is all about you, for you.

Four approaches to wellbeing. One app. 

  • Daily Fuel

  • Journey

  •    Care   

  •    Grow   

Your customized journey with intentionally curated elements from care and grow

Take a wellbeing assessment based on selected goal

Experience a wellbeing solution that is actually tailored to your employees

Why it Works

Personalized Journeys

Access Any Time Anywhere

With leading edge technology, we give you access at your fingertips + easy and intuitive use of individualized content, support and inspiration!

Personalized Journeys

Curated for Your Level

We assess your level to help prevent overwhelm and deliver personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs, so you can achieve results quickly. 

Backed by Science

Backed by Science

Based upon scientifically validated research, extensive practical testing and over 25 years of professional experience!

Privacy Matters

We safeguard employee personal data using ISAE 3000 protocols and procedures and store it in encrypted databases, ensuring full GDPR compliance.

When sharing reports with our clients, we ensure everyone's privacy by aggregating and anonymizing all collected information—because your privacy is our priority.

Invest in your team's wellbeing!


With leading edge technology, we give your team access at your fingertips + easy and intuitive use of individualized content, support and inspiration!

Boost team-spirit, boost morale and engagement, build a healthier and more inclusive culture and provide support where and when it matters.

✅ Engaging content to inform, educate, inspire, and support.

✅ Access when and where it matters.

✅ Personalized journeys that are designed to a specific mental wellbeing goal of choice.

✅ Curated content in short steps that stack and create change quickly.


Your brand is unique—and so are your employees. That's why we offer fully customizable, white-label solution designed exclusively for corporations who want to deepen employee engagement, boost happiness, and productivity.

Elevate your company's employee experience with a platform that's as unique as your team.

Fully Branded: Your app, your identity. Reinforce brand loyalty and culture.

Custom Content: Customizable content packages to inform, educate, inspire, and support.

Custom Features: Develop custom functionalities tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Exclusive Services: From wellbeing concierge to personalized virtual and in-person experiences.

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